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[Game Thread] Gm 1: 'Hawks @ Wings

Check here for the Western Conference Finals preview I did for the in-depth stuff.

This game will be big no doubt in getting off on the right foot for either team. If the Blackhawks win they will gain even more momentum and confidence than they already have. If the Red Wings win they will gain confidence too, considering many around the league have written them off after struggling against the #8 Ducks. The goalies will be crucial in this series as both are facing their toughest task yet.

Early chances will be vital in this game. If the Wings can capitalize, they can deflate the Blackhawks. If its the other way around, the Blackhawks can roll big.

What to look for: Detroit could have an easier go of it on offense against Khabibulin but same could be said for the Blackhawks against Osgood. If the Wings come out strong, expect Pavel Datsyuk to break his slump and get in the goal column. If not, Detroit will have to call on secondary scorers like Mikael Samuelsson and Jiri Hudler. Chicago will call on Patrick Kane & Jonathan Toews but would be thrilled with continued production out of guys like Dustin Byfuglien and Dave Bolland.

Game 1 starts at 3:00 pm and will be shown on NBC and TSN and as always, GO WINGS!