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Confirming What We All Feared?

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Ansar Khan of posted an article stating how Pavel Datsyuk sat out of today's practice. He didn't skate and this leads many of us to speculate that the fear we've had all along is true. The rough series with Anaheim and the end of the Columbus one may have finally caught up to Pavel.

I've been curious all playoffs as to whether or not he has been hurt because of the lack of top-end speed, the slow acceleration, and the pedestrian performance he has put forth in the goal column. I've guessed that he might have a groin or hip injury but the rumors persist that it may be something as serious as broken ribs.

Of course this is all speculation but the fact that he didn't even skate in practice today is kind of frightening. Maybe it's just to give him some much needed rest after that 7 game series and a quick turnaround to a speedy and physical Chicago team, either way we'll find out tomorrow.

Also, here are the forward lines that the Wings skated with in practice and could possibly use for Game 3 (once again thanks  to Khan):

Franzen Zetterberg Cleary
Holmstrom Filppula Hossa
Samuelsson Helm Hudler
Maltby Draper Abdelkader*

*Leino also worked in with the line

Personally I'd like to see Helm bumped up to the Hossa line with the great work he's put in and I don't like breaking up the 3rd line that has been so effective for us this postseason. But then again, Babcock is the coach and a good one at that.

UPDATE: Datsyuk has a sore foot after taking a shot to it in Game 2. Babcock said that Abdelkader or Leino will be in if Datsyuk is out because Maltby will be getting the start regardless. Linkage