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Game 4 Reactions and Analysis

Following Game 4's 6-1 Detroit win, there are a lot of conversations around the internet/NHL as to the Wings win and the role officiating and poor discipline of the Blackhawks played in it

"I think we witnessed probably the worst call in the history of sports there," Quenneville said.

"You know, they scored, it's 3-0. They ruined a good hockey game and absolutely destroyed what was going on on the ice," he said. "It was a call that could. ... never seen anything like it."

- Sorry coach Q, but despite the penalty being called you were still down 2-0 and being outplayed in every aspect of the game. It also doesn't help when your young players look to you for guidance but see a toddler whining. No wonder your guys took 56 minutes of poor penalties.

Hystyk23 of Second City Hockey provides some words on Kris Versteeg and his penalty ridden game:

Kris Versteeg - Lazy, immature, selfish. The Franzen goal was as a result of Versteeg (you have to earn your exclamation point back, pal), again, making one too many stickhandles while standing still just inside the blue line. Had Havlat not been sent to the dressing room again. he would have been benched, and deservedly so for his selfish minors. He did not move his feet to cut off Hossa at all on his second tally.  A consistently horrendous performance from 32 from start to finish.

- Absolutely right. If there was one player who cost the Hawks a big chunk of this game it had to be Versteeg. He took back to back penalties for lazy attempts at playing physically and it cost the Hawks dearly. Not to mention being tossed from the game for mouthing off, makes the way the officials for the rest of the series look at you a little different.

James Mirtle--aka El Jefe--provides some insight on Marty Havlat's early exit from the game:

But he didn't look all right, at least to my eyes. I wish the question was asked if Havlat had suffered a concussion and what treatment, exactly, he's had in the interim. It's not impossible that he recovered just fine from having his bell rung a few days earlier, but why then does he have to leave the game after taking a routine check early in the game?

- It was indeed a routine check and it begs the question of whether or not the Blackhawks staff followed the right protocol or if they put Marty out there in a desperate attempt to save the series. He didn't look right to me either and the check Stuart put on him was not that bad, raising the question of further, more serious injury.

The big factor in the game yesterday was how well the Wings played without Pavel Datsyuk, Nick Lidstrom, and Kris Draper. The team's best center, defenseman, and face-off guy were all absent from injuries but every stepped up. Marian Hossa picked the right time to step up in this series and make an impact. You knew it was "only a matter of time" until Hoss got going so 2 goals and an assist are gigantic footsteps towards the return of the regular season goal monster. Guys like Brad Stuart and Niklas Kronwall played great in the absence of the Captain and the Wings held the 'Hawks to a series low 1 goal.

Another thing Detroit fans, this series isn't over yet. While things are looking very grim for Chicago's run at the Cup, remember that they pulled off 3 straight against the Canucks. It's a grim outlook for the Hawks but don't go booking a hotel for Cup Finals just yet.

That's all for now, enjoy your Memorial Day folks.