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WIM makes its Stanley Cup picks

So we've made it to the Stanley Cup Finals and it's time for the WIM staff to predict the outcome of the final round. Here's what we are thinking and please chime in with your thoughts in the poll and comment section below.

Casey: I know it sounds crazy but I’ve got Wings in 5. If the Wings offense shows up in full force, there’s no reason for the Cup to leave Hockeytown, despite who’s on the other side of the puck. I know the Penguins have played good defense in the playoffs but have really only been tested by teams that have 3-4 consistent scorers max where as the Wings have anywhere from 6-8. Add in Osgood turning in another performance of a lifetime and the defense playing solid, the Penguins will have trouble creating plays in the offensive zone.

Christy: This is a tough one. My prediction is based off of the assumption that captain Nicklas Lidstrom and defenseman Jonathan Ericsson will miss no more than one game in the series and Pavel Datsyuk returns at some point. If Lidstrom, in particular, misses more my prediction goes out the window. I believe the Wings will take it in seven games. Why? The team only got better from last year's Stanley Cup squad with the addition of Marian Hossa and some young guns (Darren Helm and Ericsson) have really stepped up this postseason. It's going to be a very close series and it could honestly go either way. I'm just hoping to make it back-to-back wins for Detroit.

Joe: Wings in 6: I like how everyone and their mother seems to think that just because the Wings are banged up, that gives the Penguins an advantage. But what people don't know is that Pittsburgh is just as banged up, but they haven't been publicizing it. For example, Sergei Conchar gave up his kidney during the Flyers. During the Caps series, Sergei Gonchar was brushed by a GMC Suburban directing traffic after coming upon a fender-bender near Heinz Field. And Sydney Crosby was
knocked unconscious during a bar fight over the best British Prime Minister. The Wings have the depth, the maturity, and the intelligence. Sorry, Pittsburgh.

Chris: Wings in six.