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Wings Poised for Full Flight?

Some good news came out of Pittsburgh today as both Pavel Datsyuk and Kris Draper practiced. The addition of Datsyuk/Draper means that Justin Abdelkader will likely sit, despite his two goals in the series. Datsyuk is not a definite yet for tomorrow's game but it is an encouraging step forward for his return. 

Here, from, are the lines the Wings practiced with:





To me it was a surprise that Abdelkader will likely be the man left out instead of Leino, but I suppose Babcock sees something in the way Leino has been passing or playing defense. We'll have to wait and see if Pavel's in tomorrow or if the rookie is still in the line-up. Draper is a definite according to Babcock so hopefully his return to the face-off circle will help out the team after dominating faceoffs in Game 1, suffered in Game 2, and was about even in Game 3