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[Game Thread] Penguins @ Red Wings

I'm sure the Detroit players would have preferred to return home to the Joe with either a 3-1 lead or the Cup, not a 2-2 tie. However, that's the situation and a best of 7 has become a best of 3. Let's look at some of the potential storylines for the game:

  • Will Pavel Datsyuk actually play? It's hard to believe that he won't but you never know with an injury like that. One day it could be fine, the next it could be back to square 1. If he's in, look for either the game of his life or for the Pens to completely shut him down.
  • Will the defense resolve its issues? It was hard to watch our safety net fall out from under us in two straight games but if they can the offense might actually be able to get some good things going on the other end.
  • Can and will Evgeni Malkin be stopped? Probably not, but you sure hope so if you're a Wings fan. He's been a monster in this series and right now looks to be more of a problem than Crosby could be. But then again, things could change easily and Crosby could do the same thing.
  • Will Marian Hossa and Tomas Holmstrom show up for work? I know they've both had soem great chance in this series but they're not sticking to their "bread and butter" style and its coming back to hurt the team. Holmstrom has had to battle two to three (Fleury) Penguins whacking at his legs and tripping him in front of the crease but he's got to get down low on the end boards and dig the puck out like the Holmstrom of old. As for Hossa it's plain and simple, take shots from a better area. Those shots from the perimeter aren't working, move to the slot.

Game 5 start at 8:00pm ET and will air on NBC, CBC, or RDS depending on location. GO WINGS!

I won't be in for the game but JoeHass aka The Stat King will be with you for the game