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Abdelkader enjoying the spotlight

Former Spartan and current Griffin/Red Wing Justin Abdeklader has been enjoying his newfound fame as the Muskegon Chronicle reports. He made an appearance -- a celebrity appearance -- at the LPGA Meijer Charity Classic pro-am, pairing up with Angela Jerman. Abdelkader is also following up on a promise to get his degree so the business major is taking two Econ classes this summer.

A month removed from the Stanley Cup finals and his first two NHL goals -- and two months away from the most eagerly anticipated training camp in his young career -- a humbled Abdelkader admits he's enjoying the whirlwind ride.

"I've really been blessed with the opportunities I've had," said Abdelkader. "It's been such a fast track that it's difficult to put everything into perspective.

"It's been quite a ride and I've been fortunate that almost all of my career has been playing close to home. It's great for my family and friends to have an opportunity to watch me play. I'm enjoying it all."

While we don't know if Abdelkader will play in Grand Rapids or Detroit next season (it largely depends on how the Jiri Hudler situation pans out), he is gearing up for a very important training camp this September. I think it's safe to say that we'll see him full-time in the Winged Wheel by the 2010-11 season, but it certainly could be earlier.