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Grier "Interested" In Detroit, Still Wait and See

As the speculation continues about who will fill the gaps in Detroit's roster, another name has been coming up quite a bit: Detroit native Mike Grier. Grier, a gritty forward with some scoring touch, has piqued the interest of the Red Wings community as not only a physical player who can score some goals, but also as another hometown story in the vein of Brian Rafalski. Wings40 called out last week that Grier could be a viable option, however there hasn't been alot of notable movement from either the Wings or Grier's camp that would give us any indication on if this is a real possibility.

I contacted Grier's agent, Jay Fee, today and here's what he told me about Mike's status:

Several teams have contacted me as they see Mike as a very solid asset and a plus for their organization. Detroit is a first class organization in which Mike has expressed interest.  I believe the Red Wings respect Mike as a player and true professional. We’ll have to see where it goes from here.

With Jiri Hudler's arbitration hearing scheduled for the end of this week, hopefully the organization can finally wrap up that chapter and start moving forward towards the upcoming season. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised to see Grier in Detroit, as he provides the grit the Wings need, while adding some scoring, all with the right price tag.