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Wings offer one-year deal to Jason Williams

According to Craig Custance, a hockey reporter at the Sporting News, the Red Wings have made a one-year contract offer to former Wing Jason Williams. He is mulling over the offer as he is also considering the KHL. For any of you Columbus fans, he would like to return but has yet to receive a contract offer.

As WIM speculated earlier this week, Williams already knows the system and can produce offensively so bringing him in wouldn't be too much of a transition for either side. Custance reports the Williams still has a home in the metro Detroit area that he has been renting out.

"I'm not going to close the door on that," Williams told "I know over there they're really trying to compete with the NHL. It's a great league."

Williams still has a home in the Detroit area, one he bought right before he was traded to the Blackhawks. He's renting it out now, and only lived in it for about six months before he left Detroit. The Red Wings would be a natural fit for Williams.

"I'd be going back to a spot I'm familiar with," Williams said. "I know the system they like to play - puck possession, good defense."

Based on WIM readers' comments from our last post on Williams, it sounds like you would rather the Wings pursue someone else like Mike Grier for example. But why don't you go ahead and vote in our poll below.