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Canucks sign Samuelsson to three-year deal

The Vancouver Canucks signed former Wings forward Mikael Samuelsson to a three-year deal per TSN. The financial terms of the contract have yet to be released. It was Vancouver's first move in free agency (outside of re-signing the Sedin twins). I'm just thankful that Sammy didn't sign with a Central Division team as that seems to be where all of our former players head. [Update: Samuelsson will make $2.5 million per year, earning a total of $7.5 million in his contract.]

"Obviously that (the money) was the key, I shouldn't lie," Samuelsson said in a telephone conference call Friday after signing a three-year NHL deal with Vancouver.
"They have a good thing going and I think my role can be a little different here."

In Other News: Restricted free agent Ville Leino is close to inking a two-year contract with the Red Wings according to the Detroit Free Press. Detroit's other key RFA, Jiri Hudler, is expected to file for arbitration. The arbitrater could decide on a salary likely anywhere from $2.5 to $4 million. If the salary is too high, expect Detroit to trade him away as they simply can't afford a $4 million salary for a player like Hudler.