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Evaluating Stays in Motown: Marian Hossa

Marian Hossa, RW

Year Games Goals Assists Points +/- PIM
07-08 74 40 31 71 +27 63

How he came to Detroit: Everyone knows the story here. Hossa left the Penguins following the 2008 Stanley Cup Finalsto join the Red Wings. Hossa's decision to leave Pittsburgh for Detroit drew the ire of many Penguins fans, and deservedly so. Now he will draw the ire of fans in Motown as he moved to division rival Chicago.

Impact of his stay: Hossa came in and was an immediate impact with the team. As one of the strongest players with the puck, Hossa continued to showcase what we briefly saw during his stay in Pittsburgh that given proper support, he is near unstoppable. He boosted interest and expectations for the defending Champs but in the end lost out to his former team.

Highs in Motown: During the regular season, Hossa was the biggest continual contributor to the offense and it was one highlight reel goal after another. 41 goals and the dominance that Hossa displayed created great opportunities for linemates. Hossa won several games on comeback wins or shootout goals, showing his clutch scoring. Even in the playoffs, Hossa did showcase at times his clutch scoring in the final game against the Blue Jackets, tallying two goals in a short span.

Lows in Motown: From about March 27 until the present. Hossa went missing in the playoffs and the location of the Cup parade shows it. Aside from the three games (one in each of the Western Conference rounds) in which he tallied two goals, Hossa didn't score any more goals but notched a few assists. And then there's the whole leaving the team for the rival thing...

Replaceable? As much as I hate to say it, no. The guy was a one man wrecking crew and on several occasions brought the Wings back into a game or won it for them. It will be incredibly difficult to replace the points that Hossa put up for the little bit of capspace remaining for the Wings.

Overall "Grade" for his stay: I'd have to give Hossa an A- or B+. If he had showed up in the playoffs, I would have no problem giving him an "A". .

In the end, it would be impossible to evaluate Hossa's statistical contribution to the Red Wings but I know I'm fine with the departure because of the reputation that he has garnered from his recent free agent exploits.

But let's hear what you all have to say on it too.