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Joe Sakic to Retire

First off, I know he was the captain of the much hated Avalanche. But there still is something to be said for a guy of such great class and skill. You'd be hard pressed to find a player in the league that didn't have respect for Sakic and deservedly so. Sakic was the Quebec/Colorado franchise's Yzerman so it would be hard for me to sit here and ridicule a guy that played the game so similar to Yzerman.

The official announcement is expected at a press conference on Tuesday but the early report can be found here.

I tip my hat to Joe for a great career in the NHL. A career that spanned 20 years and 1,641 points, good enough for 8th all time. I can certainly see why he stepped away from the game at this point of his career and I hope that he makes the smart decision of staying retired. Weird to read a pro-Avs player bit on here huh?