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SportsPro Magazine ranks the Red Wings among most valuable sport properties

SportsPro Magazine ranked the top 200 most valuable sport properties (leagues and teams).

SportsPro magazine has published the world’s first ranking of sports properties in its July issue. Unsurprisingly, the National Football League (NFL) is ranked as the world’s most valuable sports property, with a value of US$4.5 billion. It is followed at the top of the table by three other American properties - Major League Baseball (MLB) (US$3.9 billion), the NBA (US$3.35 billion) and Nascar (US$1.9 billion).

The newest property in the list is the Indian Premier League (IPL), which is valued at US$1.6 billion - a staggering achievement for a two-year-old property. The highest ranked European team property is the Ferrari Formula One team (7th) at a value of US$1.55 billion, followed by Manchester United Football Club (8th) at US$1.495 billion. The most valuable American sports club is the Dallas Cowboys (10th), the NFL team, valued at US$1.278 billion.

So where do the Detroit teams fit in?

No. 59 -- Detroit Lions (William Clay Ford, Football, $597 million)

No. 89 -- Detroit Pistons (Karen Davidson, Basketball, $374 million)

No. 131 -- Detroit Tigers (Michael Illitch, Baseball, $240 million)

No. 156 -- Detroit Red Wings (Michael Illitch, Ice Hockey, $196 million)

How do the Wings compare to other hockey teams?

The NHL came in at No. 33 (yes, the whole league). Toronto (No. 98 -- $375 million), New York Rangers (No. 113 -- $291), and Montreal (No. 144 -- $217 million) were the only teams to finish above the Red Wings.