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Wings sign Jason Williams to one-year deal

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Michael Zuidema of the Grand Rapids Press reports that former Wing Jason Williams has returned to the organization, inking a one-year deal today. Financial terms have yet to be released, but we'll be sure to update this post once the number trickles out.

The forward spent six seasons with Detroit, signing with the team back in 2000. His time in the Winged Wheel ended when Williams was traded to Chicago. He then played in Atlanta and later Columbus before making his return.

He can play the point on the power play so I wouldn't be surprised to see him fill the void there left by Mikael Samuelsson.

Matt of On the Wings notes that there was an article on the Red Wings' official website with this announcement on Tuesday, but nobody picked up on it. However, the article reports that the signing became official today. My opinion is that it looks like the article had been written Tuesday, but didn't actually go live until today.

With this signing, the Wings roster has finally been set. Thoughts?