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Jiri Hudler talks about the Red Wings

Thanks to a fantastic interview by Sovetsky Sport's Pavel Lysenkov (and translated by Dmitry Chesnokov, who also blogs for Puck Daddy), we know how the Wings and Jiri Hudler left things through this whole fiasco. Please head over to Puck Daddy to check out the entire interview (it's definitely worth it), but I've highlighted a few quotes below.

I think the interest was generated, first of all, because Jiri Hudler became sort of a rope that the KHL and the NHL management started pulling. Because of you there is a real war!

It wasn't my fight. In my opinion, I know I didn't do anything wrong. I signed a contract with Dynamo. Nobody was cheating. I didn't lie. Detroit was understanding made it easy. They wanted me to be happy and wanted me to be a better player. But the NHL came up with this fight, not Detroit. They started fighting against Dynamo, and not Detroit.

I think it had become clear to Wings' fans that it was the NHL who filed the grievance rather than the Red Wings' organization. I understand why the NHL would want to complain about the KHL signing because of the repercussions it would have for all of the NHL's other restricted free agents, who have filed for arbitration but not yet signed a deal. But it was nice to hear from Jiri that it for sure was not the Wings who initated this fight.

You traveled to Detroit to pack your things etc. How did you say goodbye to the Red Wings? Did they wish you luck?

Ken Holland, the general manager, texted me and said: ‘Good luck this season. We are happy for you. Make sure you work hard every day and improve as a player. Have a great season and life there.' They treated me very good for a player who left. They understand [me]. And they believe I can be a better player.

WIM has given plenty of examples over the last year alone of the classy things this organization has done and this is just another example. I think people would understand if Holland was just pissed off and didn't want to talk to Hudler, but he showed his support and thus preventing the relationship from worsening.

The Q&A I just posted above was followed up by this one:

So it is true then that a lot of players are willing to play for Detroit for less money they could have got elsewhere? Like Datsyuk, for example, who could have made more at another club?

Yes, it is possible, and it has been heard before. They treat players really good there in Detroit. That organization is one of the best in the hockey world. They are classy people. They are no fake. They show great respect for everybody. They do what they say. They treat everybody really good. That's why players like it there and want to be there for a long time.

Need I say anything more about the DRW organization?