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Top Ten Moments of 2008-2009: 1-5

Continuing the Top 10 moments of the 2008-2009 regular season and playoff run countdown, we'll finish this off. Hopefully this will get you as pumped for the upcoming season as it got me. Once again, check after The Jump for a few words on each one. 

5. Johan Franzen's inside-out goal vs. Canadiens

4. Darren Helm's breakaway goal vs. Ducks

3. Johan Franzen's goal against the Blues

2. The Winter Classic

1. Darren Helm's One Man Penalty Kill

I hope you enjoyed this and I'm sure I left some plays out but these were the 10 that stuck out to me. Did I "forget" the Stanley Cup? No, not at all but I thought it would be better to remember everything that got the Red Wings to that point. 

Let's hear what you have to say about the Top 10 !

5. Johan's goal was very impressive. The way he moved in and out of the lanes with the puck and then was still able to put the puck past Cary Price...pretty special. He abuses the defender with his stickhandling and then powers his way to the net. Great play from a great player.

4. I actually thought my cable was messing up with how fast Darren Helm broke through the two defenders at center ice and was able to score. But no, I just came to the realization that he really is that fast. The guy is lightning on skates and showcased it on that play. Then he had a great shot--didn't make much of a move--to beat a goalie that was flat out on fire during the playoffs. Tremendous upside for this guy is why he has two top 5 plays.

3. I couldn't help but laugh when Franzen scored this goal to be honest. Not many players will even think about trying to shoot after being tripped like that but he ripped one on net, while going down, that found the back of the net before he hit the ice. I hardly have enough coordination to do a slapshot that accurate while standing, but to do it while falling down is something in its own right. 

2. The Winter Classic was an amazing game to watch as a fan. Up and down in the score and continuous action made it exciting for the casual fan. It was neat to see the difference that playing outside and playing inside makes. The wind, the cold, the enormity of the venue in comparison to an arena; all made the game an unbelievable and memorable event. Even if we had lost the game it would have still made top 5 because of the experience.

1. This is the reason I watch hockey. Guys that would do anything to help the teams' chances of winning. Rarely do you find grit, determination, and heart from players in other sports. Darren Helm single handedly killing 25 seconds of a penalty so that his team could get the line change while giving every ounce of effort that he had. That penalty kill effort shows the great amount of physical skill and character that hockey demands.