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Welcome Our New WIM Bloggers

Last month, we mentioned that one of our bloggers Chris Hollis was leaving WIM to run his own Red Wings' blog. We started looking for a replacement as well as other ways we could improve this blog.

Today, Casey and I are proud to announce three new additions to the WIM crew just in time for the regular season. All three will continue to blog at their original sites, but will also post unique content here on WIM.

  • Michael from The Production Line -- He is Hollis' replacement and will chime in on some game threads/recaps as well as a weekly feature that will tentatively be called By the Numbers for all you stat geeks.
  • Kyle from Babcock's Death Stare -- When you visit BDS, you quickly realize that he is a book of knowledge when it comes to Red Wings' prospects. Kyle will be bringing over his thoughts on that very subject with a weekly prospect update here at WIM.
  • Drew from Nightmare on Helm Street -- Drew is known for his ability to collect a large assortment of Red Wings-related news and find the humor in it. Once he returns from his trip to Sweden to see the Wings take on the Blues (lucky guy, we know), Drew will be posting a daily quick hits entry Monday through Friday with the latest news and relevant articles/blog posts about your Wings.

Casey and I hope that you will welcome these three new bloggers and be patient with them as they get used to their new surroundings. As before, there will be a game thread and recap posted for every single regular season contest and we hope these additions to the crew will make for more content yet keep the same level of quality that we've had in the past. If you have any suggestions for things you'd like to see us talk about or a feature you'd like, feel free to leave a comment or shoot us an e-mail at wingingitinmotown[@]gmail[dot]com.