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This is Christy signing off...

For me, this announcement feels like an end of an era in my life. Sadly, I will no longer blog about the Wings as a fan -- not just here at WIM but anywhere else. I graduated from college two weeks ago and with the hopes of finding a job in sports PR, I needed to stop blogging about sports. It's probably what gave me my start early in college and provided me with a ton of valuable experience, but sadly it has to come to an end.

I'm sure you've noticed that I've been posting less and less this season. I had slowly been phasing myself out, while Casey took over more and more responsibility. Casey is now the top dog at WIM and Joe, Michael, Kyle, and Drew will continue to blog as they have. Casey has some great ideas on how to develop WIM and I can't wait to see how it'll improve by this time next year.

During my years of blogging, I have witnessed some incredible things -- the Wings winning a Stanley Cup, the Winter Classic, the Steve Yzerman retirement ceremony, and much more. It's been a joy to blog about the Wings and the many amazing things us Wings' fans have witnessed over the last five years.

Thank You

I started blogging about the Red Wings on my own in 2004 during the NHL lockout at Behind the Jersey. In the summer of 2007, Tyler asked me to join SBN and Winging It In Motown was established by August as just the third SBN hockey blog at the time. During my five years talking Wings' hockey, I have met so many amazing people online (and some even in person) -- fellow bloggers, readers, and fans. I can't thank everyone personally in this post, but I do want to list a few.

  • Tyler -- He gave me my start at SBN and what an amazing journey this has been. I never thought I'd see my work linked from,, and Yahoo! Sports and I have to thank him and James Mirtle for building the SBN hockey group into what it is today.
  • Matt Saler -- Before I started Behind the Jersey, I spent some time blogging for On the Wings with Matt and Brian. I have to credit Matt for giving me my start to blogging.
  • The rest of the Wings' bloggers, particularly Paul at Kukla's Korner and Bill at Abel to Yzerman, for their support over the years. It's been fun talking Wings' hockey with you all and I look forward to continue reading your work!

This will be my last post at Winging It In Motown, but that doesn't mean I'll be a stranger. Thank you to the many, many readers that BTJ and WIM has had over the years. It's been a pleasure blogging and interacting with such a great group of fans. Go Wings!