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Tiberius out, Wizard of Oz in

First off, Petrella's really pushing the Tiberius nickname for Jimmy Howard so I thought I'd help him out.

But back to the game, it seems Chris Osgood will get the start in net tonight and end Jimmy Tiberius' streak of starting games.

Another note about the line-ups, Brad May is out tonight in favor of Ville Leino. Full line-up for the Wings after jump but let's take a quick look at what these two adjustments mean:

  1. It's kind of time Howard got a break. Don't get me wrong, I think the kid is exceptional and is the best option the Wings have in net, but he's not Kiprusoff, he can't start 75% of the games.
  2. That being said, boy is that a tough test for Ozzie to return to. The number one offense in his first game as a starter since nearly a month ago? If he does great against the Caps, what do you do then? Give him the next start or give it back to Howard? We'll see.
  3. Expect Osgood to play his heart out. When Oz is on, he's on and not much is getting past him. This could be his chance to reclaim the title of starting goalie with a solid performance. A excellent performance in one night earn him the starting gig but it could earn him another start and then the ball could start to roll. But if he comes out lackadaisical about the game because he's been unhappy with his role within the team, it would be ugly.
  4. Thank you, Mike Babcock, for pulling Brad May. Right now, Detroit has the options of Brad May and Ville Leino for that last spot on the fourth line. Brad May was brought in to fight and enforce the physical side of the game, plain and simple. But he's not doing that and he can't really score so what's the point of keeping him in there? Ville, although much maligned in Red Wings Nation, has the potential to at least score and has shown some flashes of scoring touch at times this year. Also, Leino has 2 goals in 2 games against the Caps, maybe he knows something we don't about Washington.
  5. Continuing with Brad May, on the 2-on-0 against Chicago, he showed why he doesn't deserve the spot in tonight's line-up. May and Justin Abdelkader were in all alone against Niemi and May just dished the puck to Abdelkader immediately and pretty much showed he wanted no part in that scoring chance. You could call it giving Gator a shot to score a goal or you could call it tentativeness on the open ice with the puck on his stick. I will give May this though, for a guy that has made his living with his fists, you couldn't ask for a nicer person off the ice.

Well that's it for now. Hope you comeback and join the live game thread tonight. Should be very entertaining game against the Caps and hope you come to talk about the game with us.