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Prepare to be Kronwalled

Oh my. Oh thank you. Finally good news on the injury front.

Turns out, Niklas Kronwall is scheduled to return to the line up tomorrow night (against Phoenix) after missing considerable time due to a knee injury. Kronwall will be with old pal Brad Stuart on the second pairing and bring a huge missing aspect back to this Detroit team. With Kronwall back, the Wings actually have some choice in what they put on the ice next to Ericsson instead of being forced.

But wait, there's more!

Also, Andreas Lilja has been headache free for 13 straight days. Doctors required Lilja to be headache free for 14 days before they discussed his potential return to the ice. Lilja has been out since February 28 of last year when Shea Weber smacked him up side the head and gave him a concussion. Lilja will likely take a rehab stint down in Grand Rapids before returning to Detroit if he makes it through the last few days symptom free.

Think of the implications these two announcements have. No longer will there be two AHL caliber defenders (at least right now they're AHL caliber) defenders on the blue line in Detroit but possibly 0 on the blue line. Likely what happens when Lilja returns is that he will be paired with Ericsson and Lebda/Meech will sit out or be traded.

Then there's Jason Williams and Tomas Holmstrom. Both are expected back at some point within the next four games. Williams is likely slated for a return against Nashville following his broken fibula injury and Holmstrom could be back against the Pens after missing time with a fractured foot.