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Wings Wings Tuesday!

Since my pleading with Buffalo Wild Wings on TPL isn't working, I thought I'd give it a try here... 

Wings Wings Tuesday is a big deal 'round the Petrella household. If you're not familiar, every Tuesday, BW-3 (don't ask about the "three," it's a long, strange story) has "Wing Tuesday," offering their delicious chicken wings at  a deeply discounted price. Out here, in New York, they're 50 cents tonight (compared to 30 when I lived in Chicago... thanks, New York!). 

Anyway, every time there's a Wings game on a Tuesday, I make it a point to swing by Buffalo Wild Wings and pick up some Sweet Barbecue Wings, take them home (because they don't have Versus -- SHOCKER!) to watch the Wings with some wings. 

There have been FIVE Wings Wings Tuesdays so far this season. The Red Wings are 2-4. Last season, they were 13-3-1, so there's been a huge drop off on Wings Wings Tuesday. That's flat out not cutting it, Buffalo Wild Wings. Perhaps if I got some FREE wings, I'd be less inclined to blame you for the Tuesday struggles. It's not like that'd cost you a lot... I spend $12 in there every Tuesday. BFD.

Anyway, that got me thinking... which days of the week are the Wings playing their best hockey? Well... I crunched the numbers:

SUNDAY :: (1-1-1) :: .500
MONDAY :: (2-1-1) :: .625
TUESDAY :: (2-4-0) :: .333
WEDNESDAY :: (1-4-0) :: .200
THURSDAY :: (9-1-2) :: .833
FRIDAY :: (1-2-1) :: .375
SATURDAY :: (9-5-3) :: .618

NASTY! They're playing lights out on Thursday (for whatever reason), but TERRIBLE in the Tuesday/Wednesday games. They play tonight AND tomorrow. I'm confident they'll start to improve on those numbers...

Statistics and Awards after the jump...


Games Played :: Todd Bertuzzi, Nicklas Lidstrom, Brad Stuart (51 - that's all of them)
Goals :: Tomas Holmstrom, Todd Bertuzzi (15) TIED FOR 59TH IN THE NHL
Assists :: Pavel Datsyuk (26) 37TH IN THE NHL
Points :: Henrik Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk (37) TIED FOR 63RD IN THE NHL
+/- :: Nicklas Lidstrom (+18) 12TH IN THE NHL
PIM :: Todd Bertuzzi (60) 62ND IN THE NHL
Power Play Goals :: Tomas Holmstrom (7) 20TH IN THE NHL
Shorthanded Goals :: Darren Helm (2) 6TH IN THE NHL
Game Winning Goals :: Henrik Zetterberg (4) 14TH IN THE NHL
Shots :: Henrik Zetterberg (164) 24TH IN THE NHL
Shooting % :: Tomas Holmstrom (19.0%) 5TH IN THE NHL
Time on Ice Average :: Nicklas Lidstrom (25:32) 8TH IN THE NHL
Shifts Per Game :: Brad Stuart (29.3) 30TH IN THE NHL
Faceoff % :: Pavel Datsyuk (56.6) 10TH IN THE NHL
Faceoffs Taken :: Pavel Datsyuk (682) 40TH IN THE NHL
Hits :: Justin Abdelkader (150) 12TH IN THE NHL
Giveaways :: Pavel Datsyuk, Brian Rafalski (48) EACH ARE TIED FOR 10TH IN THE NHL
Takeaways :: Pavel Datsyuk (74) LEADS THE NHL

*Given at the year's end to the Red Wings defenseman with the fewest goals scored in the most games played. The player must have played in at least 3/4 of the team's games. The award is named for Chris Chelios, who scored 23 goals in his EXACTLY 600 games as a Red Wing.*
1. Brett Lebda (1 goal, 48 games)
2. Brad Stuart (2 goals, 51 games)
3. Nicklas Lidstrom (3 goals, 51 games)
4. Brian Rafalski (4 goals, 47 games)

*Given at the year's end to the Red Wings forward with the most blocked shots. Award is named for Dan Cleary, who is used to becoming synonymous with "black eye" and/or "broken jaw."*
1. Darren Helm (31)
2. Patrick Eaves (25)
3. Dan Cleary (23)
4. Drew Miller (22) 
5. Pavel Datsyuk (20)

*Given at the year's end to the Red Wings player with the most games spent in the press box. Award is named for Derek Meech, who was a healthy scratch 35 times last season.*
1. Derek Meech (15)
2. Brad May (12)
3. Ville Leino (8)
3. Patrick Eaves (7)
4. Kirk Maltby (5) 

*Given at the year's end to the Red Wings goaltender that makes you question how they're in the NHL and you aren't. Award is named for Greg Stefan, who played nine seasons for the Red Wings, but only had three seasons with goals against average under 4.*
1. Chris Osgood (7-7-4, 2.83, .896)        
2. Jimmy Howard (18-11-4, 2.23, .926) 

*Given at the year's end to the Red Wings forward with the most shots to miss the net. Award is named for Mikael Samuelsson, who literally must have been aiming for the 11th row.*
1. Henrik Zetterberg (73)
2. Todd Bertuzzi (59)
3. Pavel Datsyuk (49)
4. Ville Leino (36)
T5. Tomas Holmstrom (33)
T5. Justin Abdelkader (33)
T5. Patrick Eaves (33)

The GoodFellas Award (final Red Wing to be penalized) :: Patrick Eaves
The Aaron Downey Award (final Red Wing to score a goal) :: Derek Meech