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Overtime Thread: Red Wings at Penguins

Continuing the SB Nation Hockey game threads trying to raise money for Haiti, we're hosting Hockeytown for Haiti today during the game. The disaster is hard to summarize adequately other than absolute devastation and destruction to a nation that already had more than its share of problems. Join us in an effort to raise some money to go towards repairs and food for Haiti.

Please read the following before commenting:

How does this thread work?


  • For ever comment (that is relevant and not just a letter) Winging It will donate $0.05 to Haiti Relief fund. Our cap is 7,000 comments right now. You do not have to pay to comment at all, commenting is free. The money comes from our pockets. If you would like to contribute, see below.
  • We will be donating the money to the American Red Cross following the completion of the event.
How can you contribute?
  • Spread the word of the thread to those that you think would be interested. The more comments the better.
  • If you would like to donate, contact me by e-mail at mrnorristrophy[at]gmail[dot]com   . No donation is too small and we appreciate everything that you can contribute as we try to help the people of Haiti recover from the destruction caused by the earthquake and the aftershocks. 
  • We have a PayPal set up so you don't have to worry about giving a stranger your personal finances. 
  • If you would prefer to donate to the Red Cross directly, you can do so here. If you donate directly, please let us know so we can have you on our list of donors and the thank you post.
Rules, Regulations:
  • Play nice. We've got folks coming from Abel 2 Yzerman, some other Wings blogs, and PensBurgh has us linked so we're likely to have fans of both teams in here. I'd hope that you all respect each other given the situation and the cause for the thread. 
  • Enjoy the game. Too often we take sports too seriously and an event like that in Haiti is kind of an eye opener in terms of what's important.

We will open overflow game threads as necessary so if you feel things start to slow down on your thread, speak up.