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Hockeytown for Haiti Roll Call!

Hey everyone, first off I'd like to thank all of those who were able to participate in our game thread to benefit Haiti. We had a blast putting it together and the fact that it was both a.) received so well and b.) most importantly, for a good cause made it all even more worthwhile. 

I'd like to personally thank Abel 2 Yzerman as well as PensBurgh for directing their folks to our site and taking a hit on their own in order to help out and all of the other Wings bloggers that tweeted, posted, or texted about the event--couldn't have had so many people and comments without you.  I'd also like to thank all those who donated and we'll be putting out a "thank you" as soon as we have the completed numbers within the next week.

The following is the list of members who participated and then after the jump there is a break down of how many comments each person contributed:

Roll Call:

Casey Richey, WingedUP, Baroque, jennyquarx, jennbikegirl, J.J. from Kansas, TuLoRocks2008, Brobz, mauvais gardien de but, mpetrella, stonehands78, pilgrimage, MOWingsfan19, OlenWhitaker, K-Swiss, TigerFanGR, silvrbuttrfly, The VooX, Rob Discher, KyleKujawa, Wings3_26_97, rwum14, Gander, joehass, inhyung, ahtrap, SnipeDangle, mserven, JennJenn, Hatt the Moople, JustinM, katielynn906, motownchollis, Krononymous, 42jeff, DetroitHockey, Elfuego51, Bruce McCurdy, CaptNorris5, TSOBrian, ipenguin67, dhall25, nursenitz, Cari, Tony Preston, Jennemy of the Skate, chloefpuff, eight_legged_freaks, FrankD, vikbash, Packey, The Squirrel Hunter, DarkKnt1047, Doncosmic, MrNFL, Christy, EtchedInCold, letsgoredwings, Apocalyptic0n3, Warriors59

Total Users: 60
Total Posts: 2270 ($113.50 at $0.05 per comment)

Name # of Posts
Casey Richey 197
Baroque 141
TuLoRocks2008 136
Gander 122
jennyquarx 96
Wings3_26_97 95
joehass 93
ahtrap 92
mpetrella 88
JustinM 88
WingedUP 78
nursenitz 67
Elfuego51 61
J.J. from Kansas 61
SnipeDangle 58
CaptNorris5 51
TSOBrian 46
Bruce McCurdy 45
OlenWhitaker 43
Krononymous 39
eight_legged_freaks 38
motownchollis 35
MrNFL 34
inhyung 34
mauvais gardien de but 33
vikbash 33
DetroitHockey 31
EtchedInCold 27
Rob Discher 27
rwum14 26
stonehands78 24
pilgrimage 23
JennJenn 22
DarkKnt1047 18
letsgoredwings 18
silvrbuttrfly 18
jennbikegirl 16
Cari 15
The VooX 15
mserven 14
Doncosmic 11
FrankD 9
K-Swiss 8
katielynn906 7
MOWingsfan19 5
Packey 4
The Squirrel Hunter 4
ipenguin67 4
chloefpuff 4
Tony Preston 4
Christy 2
dhall25 2
Apocalyptic0n3 1
Warriors59 1
Hatt the Moople 1
Brobz 1
TigerFanGR 1
KyleKujawa 1
42jeff 1
Jennemy of the Skate 1