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Pacing the Red Wings

So I thought it might be a fun time to take a look at some statistics that the Wings are on pace for. Two reasons: 1) We just passed the halfway mark and 2) it's REALLY easy multiplying by 2 (as opposed to dividing by games played and then multiplying by 82, which really isn't that difficult, either). 

Pavel Datsyuk is on pace for 64 points - a far cry from his 97 points last season. That's a 66% drop in production from one season to the next. 

Last season, Andreas Lilja led the Wings in penalty minutes with 66 (in only 60 games, mind you). At the current pace, Brad May will net 106 minutes...and in only 58 games. 

More numbers -- and Award Updates follow the jump. 

There's a very real chance that only Red Wings will get to thirty goals this season, as Tomas Holmstrom has 15 through the first half. A year ago, four players hit that benchmark (Marian Hossa, Johan Franzen, Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg). Datsyuk and Zetterberg are each on pace for 20. 

Strangely, in a season where scoring goals has been a problem, this current Red Wings squad is on pace for 8 shorthanded goals, which is two more than last season.

In 2008-09, Brad Stuart led the Red Wings in hits, with 157. If the current pace keeps up, Justin Abdelkader will amass 244 by the end of the regular season. For what it's worth, Stuart is on pace for 210 and post-season hit hero Darren Helm could hit 176.

Much was made about lowering Nick Lidstrom's minutes, but he's actually on pace to play MORE than last season. In 08-09, he averaged 24:49 per game. This season, he's hitting 25:19. I'm sure much of that is thanks to half the NHL-level blueline being injured. He's on pace to play more than 2,000 minutes -- something he hasn't done since 2007-08. 

*Give at the year's end to the Red Wings defenseman with the fewest goals scored in the most games played. The player must have played in at least 3/4 of the team's games. The award is named for Chris Chelios, who scored 23 goals in his EXACTLY 600 games as a Red Wing.*
1. Nicklas Lidstrom (1 goal in 41 games)
2. Brett Lebda (1 goal in 38 games)
3. Brad Stuart (2 goals in 41 games)
4. Brian Rafalski (2 goals in 37 games)
5. Jonathan Ericsson (3 goals in 31 games)

*Given at the year's end to the Red Wings forward with the most blocked shots. Award is named for Dan Cleary, who is used to becoming synonymous with "black eye" and/or "broken jaw."*
1. Darren Helm (26)
2. Justin Abdelkader (17)
T3. Dan Cleary (16)
T3. Pavel Datsyuk (16)
T3. Henrik Zetterberg (16)

*Given at the year's end to the Red Wings player with the most games spent in the press box. Award is named for Derek Meech, who was a healthy scratch 35 times last season.*
1. Derek Meech (15)
2. Brad May (8)
3. Patrick Eaves (7)
4. Kirk Maltby (5)
5. Ville Leino (4)

*Given at the year's end to the Red Wings goaltender that makes you question how they're in the NHL and you aren't. Award is named for Greg Stefan, who played nine seasons for the Red Wings, but only had three seasons with goals against average under 4.*
1. Chris Osgood (PROJECTED WINNER, 89% PRECINCTS REPORTING) (7-6-4, 2.72, .901)
2. Jimmy Howard (14-8-2, 2.20, .923)

*Given at the year's end to the Red Wings forward with the most shots to miss the net. Award is named for Mikael Samuelsson, who literally must have been aiming for the 11th row.*
1. Henrik Zetterberg (59)
2. Todd Bertuzzi (43)
3. Pavel Datsyuk (38)
4. Ville Leino (35)
5. Tomas Holmstrom (33)

The GoodFellas Award (final Red Wing to be penalized) :: Patrick Eaves
The Aaron Downey Award (final Red Wing to score a goal) :: Derek Meech