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Winging It In Motown's User Awards!

The fellas in the stat/tech department of SB Nation released a list of the stats for each individual blog over the past calendar year. Looking at it I thought it would be a little fun to let some of you guys who make this site even possible know where you rank!

First off, I'd like to thank all 982 of you who joined WIM this past year. That is awesome that we got close to 1000 new members last year and hopefully can grow even more this upcoming year. In all, we had over 16,000 comments which is incredible to see. Hopefully we'll one day catch up to the likes of St. Louis Gametime in that department (100,000+) or Second City Hockey (40,000+).

Most Active Commenters (non-authors):

  1. TuLoRocks2008: 1349 comments
  2. WpgMikos: 1128
  3. adamgreuel: 834
  4. HockeyJunkee: 757
  5. MrNFL: 486
  6. ahtrap: 358
  7. amazing blue: 315

Most active commenter award: TuLoRocks2008

Most fanposts (non-authors):

  1. WpgMikos: 13
  2. Apocalyptic0n3: 9
  3. jryno: 5
  4. Wings40: 5
  5. Lavender, MotownSarge, and adamgreuel: 3

Winging It's Pulitzer Prize: WpgMikos

Most fanshots (non-authors):

  1. WpgMikos: 13
  2. Detroit4lyfe: 3
  3. Skinnyfish: 2
  4. Westpec: 2
  5. Handsomerob1: 1

Winging It's Video/Picture/Link Provider: WpgMikos

Thanks again to all of you guys that come on here and make the sites worth it. We love to hear what you have to say on things and now you can see how much of your time you've spent on here haha.