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Quick Hits: Post loss wrap-up and such

Well the shootout loss wasn't exactly what the Wings had in mind but they still earned a point in the contest. Here's what folks are saying around the interwebz on the topic as well as some other news and notes.

:::: Red Wings News and Notes ::::

  • Post Game Post-itsAvs 5, Wings 4 (SO): Jeff offers up a good period by period summary of the game last night--[Brendan Smithsonian Institute] 
  • You Can't Win 'Em All: Chris quickly recaps last night's game with some good observations--[Nightmare on Helm Street]
  • Hey Wisniewski, There are Children Watching:  Josh debates which is worse. Wisniewski's...motions...or Hjalmarsson's hit. I vote Hjalmarsson's hit, you can at least laugh at Wisniewski does even if it's out of line--[Beards of War]
  • Don't Panic: Sara's photos from last night's tilt and some insight--[A Neuie Perspective]
  • I've Seen Better:  Rob's recap (complete with mini-rant!) and makes numerous good points about how the team played in the loss--[Etched In Cold] 
:::: Other hockey news and notes ::::