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Quick Hits: 10/15

Week two of the NHL season hasn't been as kind as week one to this point, with the Red Wings dropping two straight games to the Avalanche in a shootout and to the Stars yesterday in a near-blowout.  Let's head out to the web and see what's going on around hockey.

Red Wings News

Red Wings' Johan Franzen says he has a concussion, but hopes he won't be out that long: Ansar Khan has the scoop on Franzen, who took a Mark Fistric elbow (not shoulder) to the chin.  The Babcock quote in the article which simultaneously takes the pressure off blaming the refs and puts it on the league to use their video review capabilities was particularly nice [Mlive]

Red Wings 1, Stars 4: Post Game Snipes...: Kris with her take on last night's game.  Her reaction to the Franzen injury is the closest to what went through my head I've seen [Snipe Snipe Dangle Dangle]

The Worst Preseason Predictions on the Internet: Chris finds the smartest hockey mind on the internet (e5) and gives Wings fans a reason to hope.  If a guy this dumb is predicting this, while forgetting his fact-checking, then there's hope.  [Nightmare on Helm Street]

Who's the best pilot?: Rob Discher takes a concept from one of our game threads and runs wild with it.  It's a great read. [The Production Line]

Elsewhere around the league

Play It Back: NHLPA Hockey '93, When Jeremy Roenick Was Faster Than Your Internet: Jon Bois looks back at one of the greatest sports videogames ever [SB Nation]

NHL Power Rankings, Week 1: Small Sample Size Leads To Hilarious Results: All the SB Nation hockey writers voted again on power rankings.  I actually got a say in this one.  Chicago at #12 makes me happy, even if it is only temporary. [SB Nation]

Other ways NHL teams are watching the bottom line: Down Goes Brown is never not funny.  Today, he takes a look at what teams around the league are doing to save money in today's economy. [Down Goes Brown]

Bourne Blog: Why one top goalie is better than two-headed monster: former NHLer Justin Bourne has been doing some fantastic work at Puck Daddy this season.  With all the talk today about running Chris Osgood out of town on rails, Bourne has a good piece on why having a dedicated starter and backup is beneficial to the team.  I know Osgood would like to earn back his starting job, but I hope he's got the right attitude about taking pucks off the collarbone in practice.  If not, then I'm all for the riotous mob forming outside the Joe right now.  [Puck Daddy]