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Quick Hits - 10/18

"I can't believe little ol' me has caused all this fuss."
"I can't believe little ol' me has caused all this fuss."

Happy Monday everyone! It's been a couple of days since the last game, and the Wings don't play again until Thursday, so there's not a lot of news out there about the Wings. Still, the blogosphere has been busy with some news. Let's get to the links.

Chris Osgood and the high end American Sedan - Disch at The Production Line dares to get involved in what has become a heated debate the last few days about Chris Osgood and his place on the team. Disch compares Ozzie to a certain vehicle that is used for certain....purposes. Whether you think Osgood is the best goalie in the league or that he doesn't even belong as the starter for a beer league team, it's a good read.

Effort and Consistency - They Go Hand in Hand - With Drew training for his new job, Chris and Sullyosis have maintained NOHS at its level of consistency. Here, Chris points out that the effort hasn't been great throughout the first 5 games of the season, and shares a quote from Uncle Mike about how the Wings need to work harder. Given the NHL's new love of parity, Chris notes that anything less than a total effort will not be enough.

Familiar Storyline Playing Out in Hockeytown - Liz from CWGAP (and Twitter) notes the disturbing reality of the early-season injuries in Detroit, and wonders whether this is going to be an ongoing issue all season, or just the result of some bad luck. Let's hope for all our sakes it's the latter.

Smith Leading the Way in Grand Rapids - Jeff over at the Brendan Smithsonian Institution (one of the great Red Wings blog names, IMO) checks in on his namesake, and discovers that he's doing well down on the farm. There's even some multimedia links to check out. It's always nice to get news on how the kids are doing, especially in Smith's case since the team seems to have really big plans for him in the future.

Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle: SSDD Caption Contest - Kris at SSDD takes a lot of pictures. She wants to have some fun with the pictures, and has started a contest where readers can write their own captions on some of the photos she's taken. Head on over and see how creative you are. The first series involves our favourite whipping boy Chris Osgood.

Around the NHL/SBNation

Steve Yzerman's Cornea Intensity Required - A link from ESPN? Yes, because it's a story by John Buccigross, the only ESPN personality who seems to give a damn about hockey and can talk about it intelligently. This is a great article pointing out what we all knew: Steve Yzerman may have been a quiet guy who was well-liked, but underneath that exterior lay a fierce competitor. Bucci also notes that Yzerman is probably going to make a great GM because he is "Harvard business school hockey educated."

Pass or Fail: Detroit GM Ken Holland's Radical OT Format Proposal - Puck Daddy has a post about Ken Holland's idea for OT: 4 minutes of 4-on-4 followed by 4 more minutes of 3-on-3. If still tied after that, then the game goes to a shootout. I'll be honest: at first glance, I don't hate the idea. However, I think 3-on-3, while exciting, is just a different kind of gimmick.

NHL Suspends Shane Doan for 3 Games for Hit on Dan Sexton - The boys over at Five for Howling are not impressed with the suspension levied on Shane Doan. They see the suspension as what it was: a message to the rest of the league that these types of hits will be disciplined. In fairness, I didn't think it was that bad, but I am glad that JJ is now 1 down in his BOLD predictions.

Great Moments in Uncensored NHL Broadcasts - Mike Chen at From the Rink has some great links from moments in NHL history where some....colourful....language was caught by nearby microphones. Swearing is always fun, especially when you hear it on live TV at an unexpected time. Personally, the Tortorella one will always be my favourite.