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No Red Wings? Nooooooooooooo!

If you're a DISH Network customer, you probably already know this: Fox Sports Detroit is no longer being carried by the satellite giant.

Due to a contract dispute between DISH and FSN, the details of which I won't go into, DISH has dropped 19 regional FSN networks from its programming packages. This includes FSN Detroit, which carries the majority of Red Wings, Tigers and Pistons games during the regular season.

For hockey fans this comes at the worst possible time. The Red Wings open their season on Oct. 8, which is next week. I foresee a lot of switching to rival Direct TV if angry Red Wings fans are not accommodated. If you watch your games on another TV provider, fear not for you are not affected. But us Dish-ites have been given the royal screw job.

I tried for many years to get cable from Charter Communications, but they always gave me a laundry list of excuses that I do not care to remember. When I found out Dish was available in my woodsy area, it was like a savior. Finally, I could watch the teams that I love on a regular basis.

Now, DISH is taking that away from me. As you can imagine, I'm not happy. I will NOT go through a Red Wings season ever again without at least the option of watching every game. Frankly, I don't care if Fox is trying to squeeze more money out of DISH, or if the satellite provider is shortchanging FOX. I just want my Red Wings back. Now. 

Do I hear Direct TV calling my name? You have 72 hours, DISH.