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Quick Hits: 10/20

The hockey gods give us four days between games to drive ourselves mad, but also enough to talk about in the meantime so we don't have to.  Oh, you fickle hockey gods, you. Let's take a look around the league to see what's up.  I heard maybe something interesting happened last night.

First up, Red Wings News:

A True Orange Hat Wearing Fan Passes: Red Wings home game staple Orange Hat Guy passed away.  Sad to see him go.  Chris has the write-up [Nightmare on Helm Street]

Assorted Headline: Helene St. James of the Freep starts the story with Draper's hernia surgery, but moves on to Franzen's confirmation he'll be back tomorrow night and the news that Babcock will keep the PP units as they were instead of changing them up like he was doing in practice earlier. [stick-tap to Matt Saler at On The Wings for the link]

TTD Resumes Regular Posting on Friday: Yes, it's a link to a tease.  Everything you need to know about the article is in the headline.  I don't care, I'm excited. [The Triple Deke]

Wondering if the Wings are as Bored as I am: Brad says exactly what's on my mind. [Datsyukian Geek]

Elsewhere Around the League:

Rick Rypien: What Now? Pinky at Hockey Wilderness weighs in on the Rypien Incident.  Weird as it may seem, I agree with him completely here. [Hockey Wilderness]

Your Morning Coffee - Wednesday October 20th: One Canucks fan side of the story.  Some good points in there about all of the things that could have been done to prevent the incident.  Read carefully, because if you skim, it sounds kind of like a homer apologist trying to deflect blame and I don't think that's the intended consequence. [Nucks Misconduct]

James Enquist: "I was assaulted, that's just the bottom line": Michael Russo has the scoop on the fan that Rick Rypien grabbed last night.  He's a victim here, but if he's looking for anything more than an apology and maybe some signed swag/tickets, he can bite one [Russo's Rants]

Ready to Deal: Bag skates, a GM looking for whatever he can do to spark his team two weeks into the season; oh Ottawa, never change []