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WIM Store is here!

I put up a post during the summer trying to gauge the interest for a Winging It In Motown store. I got quite a few votes of approval and then asked for your input and designs. Now, I haven't even come close to implementing all the design ideas that were submitted yet, I just don't have that kind of time on my hands at the moment. But, I have done a few of them and have them set up in our store.

You may also remember from the post that there's a $5 charitable donation to the Children's Hospital for each t-shirt purchase. I didn't feel like making a profit off of your ideas was very fair so I decided to make it so that your designs help out by way of a donation. 

Check after the jump for a quick look at the store designs thus far! The link for the store itself is below. Also, quick note: if you see a shirt that has a bit of a weird color scheme, it's because the normal color is out of stock. This seems to be the case with a lot of the organic cotton shirts.

UPDATE: Meant to say this earlier but if there's a design that you like but don't see it in the style that you like, just email me at mrnorristrophy [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll add it.

Winging It In Motown Store on Spreadshirt

Click on an image to go to that shirt's category page. 


The Great Datsyuk


Datsyukian: There used to be a puck on this shirt


Zetterberg:...that sounds like a nice place to live


Jimmy's Anteater Surplus


Octopus break through


Mini-Datsyuk: Steal, Dangle, Shoot (#51 on back)


Kronwall steamroller (#55 and Kronwalled on back)