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Gameday Quick Hits: Ducks at Red Wings

Quick Hits for the Ducks at Red Wings


  • Time to Official Run and Tell Da   Petrella previews tonight's tilt. As usual, full of epic nicknames and the like. [The Production Line]
  • Game Day Notes vs. Anaheim    Matt Saler's look at tonight's game. Saler brings up some really good points about the game including Jonny E's test. [On the Wings]
  • Previewing the Ducks    Ellen looks at the Ducks and the Red Wings game. Tonight begins the Jonathan Ericsson watch.  [Big Red Machine]
  • Opening Night Game Face   Jordan's preview of the game  [Eight Legged Freaks]
  • Red Wings Predictions   Brendan predicts some things for the season as well as tonight's game [Nightmare on Helm Street]
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