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Quick Hits: 11/10

The Wings are still resting after playing four games in six nights stretching across four time zones.  Tomorrow, they welcome the Oilers, who got their faces stomped by Carolina last night 7-1.  Until then, keep yourself occupied with these stories.

Red Wings news & notes:

Where We Stand: Chief responds to a commenter who I've often found myself at odds with (and have also often found myself on the same side of).  This time, Gramps thinks that, through the first ten days of November, the Wings are shaking out to be somewhere in the 5-8 seed playoff range.  Needless to say, Chief disagrees [Abel to Yzerman]

We've Seen This Before...Somewhere: Brendan takes on the other half of the argument above, that the Blues are scary.  I agree with him completely here.  I'm not convinced this is a team that can keep it together for a full grueling season and the playoffs.  I hope they don't prove me wrong, but I'm not getting out of my big comfy chair in November for this news. [Nightmare on Helm Street]

Gator and the Big Ethyl: Rob Discher says the Red Wings are a four-pound hamburger.  I can't argue with that [The Production Line]

Ken Holland's OT Format Change Put on Hold: Ansar Khan has the writeup from the GMs' winter meetings where Ken Holland's idea to expand OT to 8 minutes (two 4-minute periods, one 4-on-4, the other 3-on-3) before the shootout was tabled until the March meetings in Boca Raton.  [Mlive]

TP:60 - Episode #4: The Production Hour podcast is back with Casey joining the gang for their discussion on the week of Wings hockey that was. [The Production Line]

Elsewhere around the league:

Derek Boogaard scored a goal last night: This was his first since 2007.  He scored on a breakaway with a slapshot from about 45 feet to the top corner.  Surprisingly, the world still exists today. []

Brad Boyes, Best Shootout Specialist In NHL? Brad Boyes, Brad Boyes, wha'chu gonna do? wha'chu gonna do when he comes at you?   Hmmm... I seem to remember a team from last year with a new coach, a good goaltender, and some shootout skill.  I wonder what ever happened to them? [St. Louis Game Time]

Dallas Stars Consider Hiring Interim President During Sale: Yeah, it's boring business stuff for some, but in here lies two things that I think are underreported: 1. that the Stars are very close to being in big trouble and 2. that the Stars are run like crap.  There's a very good point in here about how Brad Richards might have to be shopped at the trade deadline because of uncertainty and business-related crap going on through some tough negotiations.  Tell me again about how the CBA is designed to help struggling markets keep their talent?

Six questions about the new NHL All-Star Game format: Changes, they are a-comin' to the All-Star Game format.  Can this work as a novel idea to spice up what's supposed to be a fun weekend or is it just a waste of time.  Personally, I like All-Star games and look forward to complaining about everything. [Puck Daddy]