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Morning Skate: Oilers in the Motor City

I'm going to try something new here today and hopefully it will work.  Basically, I'd like the morning skate preview post to serve as a sort of pre-game thread. I've seen many other sites around SB Nation do this and they've had great success with it so I'd like to try it here and if it works, we'll continue to do it.

What I'll be doing for the most part in these posts is starting with a few points and then from there I want you guys and girls to discuss those topics. I think it's a good way to get numerous opinions on those topics instead of just my opinion. It's also pretty fun once the thread gets rolling

Also, we're starting a new sort of "contest" on Winging It In Motown that's based on the morning skate. In each morning skate, you can make a prediction as to the player that will have the best game and/or what the final score will be. At the end of each game, we'll put the winner's name into a spreadsheet and the person with the most "wins" in the regular season will get a prize (likely a spiffy WIM shirt or something along those lines) as well as bragging rights. As for determining who the "best player" in each game is, I'd like to hear your thoughts below in the comments on how to go about that. You can select a player from the other team and a score in favor of the other team, we'll just be very, very disappointed in you.

Check out below the jump for the revamped format and start casting your votes for the daily contests.

The Game

  • The Wings host Military Appreciation Night tonight as part of Veteran's Day. I know I could not thank Veterans of the Armed Forces enough for what they do and I always like to see them get recognition for what they do.
  • Since playing the Wings, the Oilers have defeated the defending champion Blackhawks 2-1 and lost to the Hurricanes 7-1. So...which team do we expect tonight?
  • The Oilers don't really have one clear cut leader on offense but rather a mix of guys that are all performing at about the same rate. Dustin Penner leads the goal scorers with 5 but after that there are three players with 4 goals, three players with 3 goals, four players with two goals and one with one goal. Should the Wings expect an even attack or will a guy like Ales Hemsky be Edmonton's go-to-guy?
  • One unclear spot right now for Edmonton is the starter in net. Nikolai Khabibulin sat out of practice yesterday and in his last outing, he gave up 4 goals on 8 shots.
  • Edmonton's team GA is 3.54 per game while Detroit's GF is 3.23 per game. Should the Wings bank on being able to have some offensive success tonight or is it a dangerous mindset to go in thinking you'll have the win already in the bag?
  • Edmonton's penalty kill is a league worst 69.4% while Detroit's power play has slipped to the lower half of the league. Which of the units will have success? You'd think tonight might be a night for Detroit to get the power play back in sync.

Player that will have the best performance

  • I'm going to pick Johan Franzen. I think he'll break out of his funk and have a big night. He's been pretty physical as well as playing some sneaky defense as he's second on the team in both hits and takeaways. I'm picking that the Mule will start kicking. Rhymes, I has them.
  • Make your selection in the comments below. Make it in bold so it stands out.

Score prediction

  • I think Detroit's going to have an easier go of it tonight than they did in Edmonton. They dominated the Oilers for the majority of that game and if it wasn't for Nikolai Khabibulin having an outstanding game, I think the score would have been a lot higher. I think I'm going with 4-1 Detroit. 
  • Make your score prediction in the comments below. Make it in bold so it stands out.

Other news and scores

  • Columbus handed St. Louis a 8-1 thumping last night. Jakub Voracek and Chris Clark both had a pair of goals in the game as Jaroslav Halak was chased after 4 goals on 15 shots. 
  • The biggest news from the above game is that TJ Oshie has a broken ankle and is out indefinitely. Oshie broke his ankle after Sammy Pahlson fell on him during a scrap. 
  • In the Battle of Underachieving Teams, the Sabres knocked off the Devils 5-4 in a shootout. It was Buffalo coach Lindy Ruff's 1000th game behind the bench.
  • In Pittsburgh, the Penguins got out to a 4-2 lead before the Bruins scored FIVE 3rd period goals to win the game 7-4.
  • After starting off on a tear, the Maple Leafs have lost 10 of their last 11 games including last nights 4-1 loss to the lowly Panthers.
  • Phoenix beat Chicago 2-1. Paging Nelson Muntz to the ER.

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