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Quick Hits: Boring Monday Edition

Short version of quick hits today as pretty much the only thing going on is what Graham covered in his earlier post. 

  • Willa versus the Thunderchief (Monday Morning Pessimist)   Rob looks at Thunderchief (Bertuzzi) and Willa (Modano) for this young season and the roles so far. Go read it, I can't do it justice with a summary. [The Production Line]
  • Fire Colin Campbell   Chris brings thoughts on the popular topic of the day in the Colin Campbell e-mails [Nightmare on Helm Street]
  • Vote for the NHL All-Stars    Voting has begun for the NHL All-Star game and you can go vote for the Red Wings in contention. If you do vote, make sure you write in Jimmy Howard for goalie. That stud Antti Niemi is a candidate but Jimmy isn't? puh-lease. [NHL]
  • Lecavalier's hand surgery a success    Vinny Lecavalier had surgery on his hand today and he should be back in action in 4-5 weeks. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Peter Laviolette's goalie problem     Travis Hughes looks at the goalie problem that the Flyers will face when Michael Leighton returns to the roster [Broadstreet Hockey]

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