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Off-day open thread: Osgood, Draper, Colin Campbell

"Stop it." "No you stop it" "I'm telling mom."
"Stop it." "No you stop it" "I'm telling mom."

I think it's time we try something new here and that some of the other blogs around SB Nation do, an open thread even if there isn't a game. We implemented a day-long thread for morning skates and that worked out pretty awesomely so I figured it might work for any other day.

Basically, we'll just list a few things after the jump to serve as suggested topics of discussion. Of course, you can talk about other things than those topics such as anteaters and how they are the most glorious creature in existence. 

Let's give this a shot after the jump, shall we?


  • Chris Osgood appears to be close to getting back in the line-up. It's unlikely that he'll play on Wednesday but if he's healthy by Friday's game against Minnesota does he get a start? After that, the Wings play the Flames, Thrashers and Columbus (X2). When does he get back in the net?
  • Along the same lines, Kris Draper appears to be back on the ice and skating. But with the team playing as well as it is now, is Draper mainly a candidate for playing time if/when other players get hurt?
  • Colin Campbell. Discuss.
  • Jaroslav Halak gave up six goals last night against the Avalanche. Halak has dropped three straight starts after ripping off six straight wins before that. He's allowed twice as many goals in those three losses than he did in those six wins. Is this good news for the Wings or is Halak in position (if he starts) to have a monster performance and stop like 72 shots