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H2H2 Pledges at TPL, TP:60 Episode

A lot of you may remember last year's showcase of why Red Wings fans are the best: Herm 2 Hockeytown. New to it? Well, last year Wings fans across the interwebz helped bring a Red Wings fan nicknamed "Herm" from Brazil to Detroit for the 6-2 beating of the Minnesota Wild on March 26. After Herm's travel expenses were covered, the excess money from donations went to the Children's Hospital of Michigan. It was an excellent experience as it was awesome to see people from all over come together for something like that. So awesome that we're doing it again. Click the image below to go to The Production Line for more info on this year's event as well as info on pledges to donate money.

Check out TPL's link on the pledges for H2H2.


Oh, and TP:60 is back as well. Go join our buddies (and Production Hour hosts) Michael Petrella and Chris Hollis as they talk with Matt Saler from On the Wings about Chris Osgood, Ericsson/Kindl and the third line's chemistry.

TP:60 Episode 3