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Morning Skate: That Old Burning Sensation

Good morning, fine folks.  Everybody rested and recovered from the heartbreak that is losing a snoozefest to the Wild in overtime? Detroit welcomes Calgary into their building either late this afternoon or early this evening, depending on how you want to look at it.  Calgary just ended a 3-game losing streak on Friday by firing up the bellows and smoking the Blackhawks (ok, only a few more fire puns to come, I promise).

I didn't switch over to watch that game, but the highlights tell the story of a 4-1 game that turned into a 7-2 game with less than four to go in the third period after Marty Turco started daydreaming about the days before he sucked and started letting goals go through him on unscreened shots from distance.  Jarome Iginla capped off his hat trick in exactly this way by firing (puns!) a 55-foot slapper through a disinterested Chicago goalie.

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Join us below the jump for the test questions (don't worry, it's open-book) and don't forget to get your score an player of the game predictions in the comments below.

  • Olli Jokinen will be in game 2 of a 3-game suspension tonight for a cross-check to the head.  How much better does his absence make Calgary?  Follow-up for the ladies, is he not the ugliest man in the league?
  • Did Chicago do us a favor by giving up in the third period on Friday or did they help the Flames build their confidence?  Was this them burning off the excess or could it be considered.... goal tinder? (grooooan)
  • How is Jimmy Howard going to rebound from a bad game against the Wild?  Can he outplay Kiprusoff? 
  • Hey Darren Helm; how about a shorthanded goal?
  • Score prediction: I think Detroit has trouble handling Calgary early, but then remember they're the better team late.  4-3 Detroit.  This also proves I'm a dirty liar about promising to pick against them after they finally lost.  Sue me.
  • Player of the game:  Four games worth of predictions and I've chosen either Datsyuk or Zetterberg each time.  Four games of somewhat disappointing results and I refuse to learn my lesson.  Zetterberg nets two, including the game-winner.
  • Get your score and player of the game predictions in below.