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Who wants free* stuff?

As you probably know by now, we're trying to grow our Facebook presence and we're really hoping to get 500 fans by the end of the year. So, as part of that plan we're going to hand out some free goodies to those that "like" our page. What are the goodies?

  • 500-750 likes= T-shirt of your choice from the WIM store
  • 751-1000= 2 T-Shirts or Hoody
  • 1,001-3000= 2 T-shirts or Hoody + $15 NHL Shop gift card, or $50 gift card to NHL Shop
  • 3,001-5,000= Choice of any three items from the WIM store or a $75 gift card to the NHL Shop
  • 5,001+ fans= Red Wings jersey

Of course, getting 5,000 fans by the end of the year is something that looks highly unlikely but never know. And if we do get that many, I'll cough up the jersey.

Right now, we're at like 448 fans so it should be very easy to get to 500 but obviously, the more people that join, the better the reward (for you all) will be. I'd really like to hit 1,000+ fans and it may be possible by the end of the year. For any of the levels at 3,000 or more, we will do second place and possibly third place prizes. Now, in order for it to be fair as far as who gets the prize it will be a random selection based on the list of people that "like" the site.

**CLARIFICATION: As brought to my attention in the comments below, the wording above may be confusing. Basically, only one person will win a prize based on a random selection from the list. However, should we reach those other plateaus, there will be secondary and tertiary prizes.

So what do you have to do? Click two times, that's it. Click below to go to our Facebook page and then again on the page to "like" us. Invite as many of your family and friends that are Red Wings' fans as you want because as I said above, the more people, the better the prize.

Click here to "Like" us on Facebook and enter for the prize drawing!