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Quick Hits: How dare you have an opinion


Red Wings news and notes:

  • Trending Topics: the origins of homerism in the NHL  Ryan Lambert posted a piece over at Puck Daddy today that looks at the origins of homerism in the NHL. Lambert has a past history for absolutely hating Red Wings fans so it makes sense that he would select them for the picture for this story as well as use Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond as the example for pinning homerism by fans on broadcasters. However, this is not the issue I have with the article. He does admit that he understands the logic that broadcasters have behind "being homers" but I think the point of his article is more of a backhand at any fans that he might consider "dumb enough" to buy into it from the announcers. Because you know, why would anyone want to hear positive things about their team or thing that their team is good. [Puck Daddy]  
  • Breaking News: Hometown Announcers are Biased    I was going to do a post like this until I read Chief's post on it, couldn't have said it better myself. Chief 1, Lambert 0. I would score it higher but I don't know how to make the infinity sign. [A2Y]
  • Game Day Notes: @ Edmonton    Matt Saler offers up a good preview on tonight's game  and issues a word of caution that tonight's game could be dangerous for the Wings. Or, in the words of Admiral Ackbar: IT'S A TRAP! Saler has a good point though and the Wings have played down to the level of competition at times and tonight is a night that we'd all prefer that they do not do that.  [On the Wings] 
  • Preview: Detroit Slides Into Oil-Town    The Datsyukian Geek previews tonight's game with tonight's winning formula. Go read I say [The Datsyukian Geek]
  • Red Wings vs. Oilers Preview    Game preview from RC with awesomeness with graphics/stats as well as some words on the Oilers' youngsters [Word on a Wing}
Other news and notes around the league: