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Quick Hits - 11/08

"First the Selke and now the puck? Mooommmmm, Pavel's not sharing!!!!"
"First the Selke and now the puck? Mooommmmm, Pavel's not sharing!!!!"

The Red Wings have no time to lick their wounds from the loss to the Canucks as they host the Winnipeg Coyotes tonight. We'll have your game thread up before game time. Let's see what's happening around the league.

Obsession With Suspensions - Chris at NOHS is tired of breaking down every single big hit and wondering whether it is a "good" or "bad" hit. He's pointing a finger squarely at both the MSM and blogs as being to blame for questioning all the hits in the NHL. He feels there should be responsibility on the player being hit to keep their head up, and wonders if we can eliminate the controversy surrounding these hits and enjoy them as good hockey plays.

Muzzle of Bees - The Dude over at Gorilla Crouch breaks down the Wings' recent 3-game Western Canada road trip, and looks specifically at SOG in each period. 23 given up to the Canucks in the third period? Yikes. Nice note questioning the scratching of Patrick Eaves against the NHL's best PP unit, but maybe that ankle needed a night of rest.

Caption Mondays Volume 3 - Kris from SSDD is back with another installment of her caption contest. This one involves Henrik Zetterberg and Doug "Griffin" Janik. Go on over and have some fun with this.

He's Baaaaaaaaaaack - I'm not sure if I put enough "a"'s into the title, but I lost count due to my bad eyes. Jeff from BSI offers up a preview of the game tonight with the emphasis on Brian Rafalski getting back in the lineup. He also gives us a quick recap of the Griffins' weekend and summarizes a recent game he was involved in that garnered him some attention. Head on over and check it out.

Around the NHL:

Ciccarelli, James and Granato set to be inducted into HHOF - Here is TSN's writeup of the induction of former Red Wings pest Dino Ciccarelli into the HHOF. Also inducted were the first two women, Angela James and Cammi Granato, and a guy we affectionately refer to as "Jimmy D" around here.

Making Hockey Hall of Fame votes public: valid or voyeurism? - Speaking of the HHOF, Puck Daddy has an interesting piece on the voting process that goes on and asks the question on whether the voters and/or votes should be made public. A lot of this stems from the controversy surrounding Dino's induction at the exclusion of Doug Gilmour and Pavel Bure, not to mention the case that Pat Burns should have gotten in while he's still alive, especially since it seems like he's going to get in anyway.

Hey Former Avs, How You Doin'? - I'll admit it: I visited an Avs site. They have a little feature where they look at some recently departed players to see whether they are missed by the team. Honestly, there's not a guy on the list that they need immediately, but they do rag on Salei a little for only having 2 points (newsbreak: he wasn't signed for his offense) and use the obligatory "Dead Things" in a post. How original. Also, did you know this site considers Ray Bourque to be the 8th greatest Av of all-time? Above Claude Lemieux? Laughable, although Mike Ricci made the list, so you get a sense as to how "great" the Avs history has been.

NHL vs NBA Secondary Ticket Prices - Great piece by Mike Chen at From the Rink that looks at attendance. This is done through "secondary" (i.e. the non-official team ticket broker and scalpers) sources. He looks at the major hockey and basketball markets, and it's very interesting to note how the hockey teams compare to the basketball teams in the city. Good stuff as always from Mike.