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Ozzie Would Put Out the Stars for You: GDT Red Wings versus Stars

Dallas Stars
(19-10-3 41 Points)

Game #32

Detroit Red Wings
(20-8-3 43 Points)
Arena: Joe Louis Arena - Detroit, MI
Starting goalie: Andrew Raycroft
Starting goalie: Chris Osgood
5-3-0 2.31 GAA
3-2-1 2.48 GAA
SBN Blog: Defending Big D Last meeting: Oct 14: 4-1 Stars

5:00 PM


XM 204

The loss to Chicago on Friday got me thinking about big games. Seems that was the 2nd time this season the Wings were on the losing end of a team's biggest game of the season to that point; each time the Wings saw a struggling team looking to right their ship and prove they belong. That made me wonder if Detroit even has a biggest game of the season to this point. I don't think they do.

This evening against Dallas, we might have a contender for that title. The Stars sit 2 points behind Detroit (while the Wings have a game in hand) and could tie them in the standings with a regulation victory. Sitting atop the conference in December, there's no such thing as a must-win game for the Wings, but a victory over a competitor this close to their heels could go a long way towards silencing the growing dissent with what's been a month of inconsistent play

Oh, I should say something about how Osgood is going for win #400 and the Wings should be extra-motivated to make sure that happens in front of the home crowd. There, I said it; now go out and earn it Ozzie.

Babcock's been playing with the lines, trying to figure out why the 2nd line that started the season so strong has been terrible over the last short stretch. Khan's got the scoop on the new lines. Let's see how long they stick.


(Note: I'm guessing that it's Hudler's turn in the rotation. I've been looking for a digger's confirmation on this, but don't have anything yet. I'll fill it in during the comments if anything changes.)

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