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With Datsyuk out "about four weeks", what's next?

The news that all Red Wings were cringing to hear was announced by Mike Babcock as Pavel Datsyuk will be out about four weeks with a broken wrist. Here's what Mike Babcock had to say on it, via

"He's got a broken hand or wrist, or something like that," Red Wings coach Mike Babcock said. "He'll be out about four weeks."

Datsyuk broke his wrist after being tripped up by former teammate Mikael Samuelsson in the first period. He landed awkwardly and unfortunately broke his wrist. He came out after the fall and played the next shift he was given but he didn't take the face-off. Datsyuk left after the first period but didn't return to the game and after the game the extent of his injury was revealed, much to the chagrin of Wings' fans. 

After the jump, we've got video and screengrabs as well as the discussion. 

Here's the video via

Here's the first still I grabbed from the video and you can see how Samuelsson trips up Datsyuk:


In this one you can see Datsyuk landing on his wrist. 



The biggest question now is what to do with the line-up as the Wings are down to 12 forwards and six defensemen.  We now get to the part that will probably get outdated as soon as I post this because news of the plans will probably break after I post this and go to bed.

But anyway, speculating is fun so here are some scenarios that the Wings may look at:


  • They do absolutely nothing. They play things tight with the roster and hope that nothing happens. Jakub Kindl is back up to the Red Wings after his stint with the Grand Rapids Griffins. I was talking with JJ about this after the game and if necessary, do the Wings move Jonathan Ericsson to forward and Kindl to his spot? I think it'd be neat to see that but I also think Ericsson's playing pretty good defensively right now and don't want to shake that up. Likelihood they do nothing: 4/5. While it would be good to give Draper, Hudler or Miller or whoever a break, it's pretty much the Holland M.O. to make do and why not? 
  • The Wings call up Ilari Filppula. Ilari scored a pair of goals in tonight's Griffins' win and is one of the offensive leaders for Grand Rapids at this point of the season. Of course, as every Red Wings' fan can guess by his last name, he's the brother of Valtteri Filppula so maybe Babcock puts them on a line together and we see some Filppula to Filppula plays out there. Likelihood they call up Ilari: 3/5. I think I read these stipulations correctly and if I did, Filppula is exempt since he is in the first year of his contract and that's the threshold for players 25+ years of age. 
  • The Wings call up Tomas Tatar. Like Filppula, Tatar has been one of the offensive leaders and is one of those players that a lot of Detroit fans are sitting there licking their chops at the amount of potential this kid has. I personally think he's capable of performing decently at the NHL level, although I'd expect he only gets press box time if he does get the call. Likelihood they call up Tatar: 2/5. Like I said on Ilari, I think I read it correctly and Tatar would be able to go up and down without having to clear waivers. 
  • The Wings trade for Ville Leino.

What say you folks? Do the Wings stand ground on the roster or make a move with a Griffin? 

Also, if you know the call-up procedures better than I (it's not hard) then feel free to clarify things for everyone.