I Owe Patrick Eaves an Apology

Patrick, if you're reading this (and I know you are), I owe you an apology. Earlier in the season, when talking about the Red Wings' depth, I mentioned that several players, including you, were basically interchangeable parts in the bigger machine that is the Red Wings. I even went so far as to utter the horrible phrase "Dime-a-dozen" on The Production Hour podcast when discussing what you bring to the lineup.

It is with great humility and had held firmly in hand that I offer you an apology.

You have played yourself to the level far beyond "plugger", "depth guy", or "serviceable forward". Yes sir, you are far more than merely "serviceable"; I'd dare to go as far to say that you're integral. Sometimes fans forget how important guys like Patrick Eaves, Kris Draper, Kirk Maltby, or Darren McCarty are to the lineup of a successful team. Sometimes we're so blinded by the flashy guys at the top of the lineup that we forget to honor the contributions of the people whose work ethic and dedication gives those men the ability to shine. I humbly submit that I am guilty of allowing myself to forget how to see the forest through the trees. I merely hope that, in your wisdom, you see fit to accept my apology and my newly confirmed commitment to giving you your proper credit, even on days when you don't earn me and my fellow fans free curly fries.

Keep up the great work, Patrick.

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