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New logo for the site

Hey everybody, just wanted to put up a quick post on this. I've created a new logo for the site and hope that you all like it. I've been toying with the idea for a long time and couldn't exactly find something I wanted. This just popped into my head and a few hours later I got the final product finished:


I wanted to give it some of that vintage look but keep it a little modern too (considering this is on the internet and all...). You probably already know what all the numbers around the wheel signify and if you don't, just look up at the rafters (or better yet just pretend like you know so as to not draw attention to yourself).

Of course, we've also whipped up some new t-shirts too and you can find them at the link below. As with the other t-shirts, each will be a $5 donation to Children's Hospital of Michigan.


Pick up the new shirts here!