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Off-Day Open Thread: Let it All Out

The stink from last night lingers in the air as the Wings have to recover from a two-game losing streak in time to face the Nashville Predators on Wednesday, a team facing some problems of their own after giving up a 2-goal lead to the Atlanta Thrashers and losing in overtime.  The Preds sit in last place in the Central by points with 30 (they're tied with STL, but lose the tiebreaker).  They have a better points percentage than Chicago, but they're certainly struggling right now.

But, we don't all have to go with the Preds.  I hear that Sidney Crosby is helping the Penguins lay waste to everybody in their path, to the tune of ten straight victories.  He's got a league-leading 24 goals and an 8-point advantage for overall scoring leader over Stamkos.  Anybody got some insight into this?  I can see by their schedule that the last ten games has been kind of lollipop with Vancouver being the best team they've played, but ten games in a row over anybody is impressive.  My only question (and it's because I haven't watched a full Penguins game during this winning stretch) is whether Crosby really is doing it all by himself like it looks.  Any insight into the numbers would be welcome, because Detroit has guys we know can shut Crosby down when it counts.

Other than that, seems like the collective patience of Red Wings nation is wearing thin on Jiri Hudler, with even the more staunch supporters (myself included) coming at least far enough past the middle ground to say that his level of play is not inspiring any sort of confidence.  Don't get me wrong, Jiri Hudler did not cost the Red Wings the game against either the Sharks or the Kings, but Jiri Hudler hasn't even been in the player of the game running this entire season.  Considering Darren Helm has been there several times and considering Hudler's pay, we're all left to wonder what has to happen.  Sound off below - do we bench him for good until we can trade him for whatever bag of party favors we can get?  Do we sit him a couple games in a row and let him back out there to try, try again?  Do we need to import the guy a mail-order bride from Russia to do God-knows-what to in order to find his mojo?  Move Bertuzzi down a line so he can play with Franzen and Filpula?  How about more drastic?  Let's let him play with one of the Eurotwins; what do you think?  The Midget's running out of rope and the gallows are plenty tall enough for his ass.

It's an off-day open thread ladies and classymen; anything goes, unless of course it doesn't.