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Fence-Pickin' Time

Well folks, we've got a day off, a three-game losing streak, and not much to talk about besides Jiri Hudler and how he's tearing our family apart one turnover at a time.  We've all spent far more time talking about the diminutive Czech than we've wanted to (at least in this light) so far this season, but there remains one question.  For all the talk back and forth between the two sides, we haven't properly named them yet.

Now, before everybody knew that Todd Bertuzzi would work in the Wings' system and earn his higher paycheck this year, there was a large set of Wings fans who did not like the signing pitted against a large set who dared to dream the Red Wings forward with the most minor penalties this season could produce more good than harm in a red & white sweater.  The argument has died down recently with how well Big Bert's played this year, but we all know that if the battle lines must be redrawn over the axe-murderer, then you're either Protuzzi or you're Contuzzi (TM, The Production Line).

When Wings fans gnashed their teeth this summer over whether to sign an aging centerman with huge positive upside or a more established blueliner for a defensive corps that looked like it needed improvement, fans again separated into two camps from which to verbally spar.  Names were called, nicknames were born, teeth were mentioned, Google Image Searches of wives were conducted and, at the end of the day, you were either Prodano or Nodano.  You knew which side of the fence you were on because either way, your side had a cool nickname.

But now we come to Jiri Hudler, the man who currently holds the reigns as the most-interesting thing for Red Wings fans to fight over.  Sure, there are a few different ways to go and some are not as clear-cut as others, but if you'll remember the Bertuzzi and Modano talks from earlier, there was a lot of gray area there as well.  Much like Chris Pronger though, I can't stand gray matter, so I say we need to form ranks, take sides, and get some names for the supporters of the prodigal son and those who would have him locked out in the cold.  So, here we have it folks.  What would you call each camp?  Here are just a few ideas:

Hudlerites and AntiJiriists
Hudlerblasts and Hudlerclasts (named after the cells responsible for creating and destroying bone tissue because, hey, bones)
Affjirimatives and Nodlers (not to be confused with the people who love the Flyers' Andreas Nodl)
Prozacs and Lithiums (The people on Happy pills versus the mood stabilizers)
Hudlerphiles and Hudlerphobes (personal favorite)

So let us know in the comments.  What should we name the camps forming to wage battle over the status of Jiri Hudler?