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How would YOU want us to cover the Olympics?

With no Wings games until March 1st, we're going to have very little "new" stuff to post on the team. However, since the Olympic hockey starts soon, we could very easily just do posts about the guys playing in Vancouver. 

Pretty much, we're going to run some feature stories over the break but we also want to interact with you guys on the Olympic level as well. So I ask you, how do you want things to be done and how likely are you to join us during the Olympic Break for some of the things below:


  • Game threads-for the big games (Canada vs. USA, etc.) and for any games involving a Red Wing
  • Game recaps for each game involving Detroit players, focusing mainly on their involvement
  • Stat tracking for all Red Wings players involved
  • Daily summary (to be posted morning after games) of the previous night's games
  • A daily highlight of one Olympian and his time in Detroit and international career.
  • Nothing.
Pick and choose from the above and comment below. OR, if you have some other suggestions, feel free to toss 'em out so we can get some things going before the games begin tomorrow.