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Day 3 Game Thread

Day 3 of the Olympic Men's Hockey kicks off at 3 p.m. ET time and will feature some good match-ups.

Game One: United States vs. Norway, 3 p.m. ET

The United States should have enough to take out Norway. But then again, Norway was solid for the first period and a half against Canada and could very easily do the same against a US team that seemingly focuses on hitting and speed before stringing passes.

Prediction: USA over Norway (sorry, Andy), closer than expected though.

Red Wings present: Brian Rafalski (United States) and Ole-Kristian Tollefsen (Norway).

Game Two: Canada vs. Switzerland, 7:30 p.m. ET

Canada is too powerful to be stopped by Switzerland and with Martin Brodeur in net against the Swiss, very little will likely happen for Switzerland at the offensive end.Canada's offense clicked very well against Norway and expect it to do so again tonight.

Prediction: Canada puts up 5+ goals again.

Red Wings present: Head coach Mike Babcock, Steve Yzerman GM

Game Three: Slovakia vs. Russia, 12:00 AM ET

Russia looked okay (defensively) against Latvia but will have a much tougher task at hand with Slovakian attack. Should be an entertaining game, if you're able to stay up for all of it that is.

Prediction: Russia wins, closer game though.

Red Wings (former/current) present: Pavel Datsyuk (Russia), Marian Hossa (Slovakia, boo), and Tomas Kopecky (

Slovakia, boo)

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