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Game Thread: US vs. Switzerland, Canada vs. Russia

The other two games will be posted in a thread following the completion of the Canada vs. Russia game.

Game one: United States vs. Switzerland, 3:00 p.m. ET

The United States got a little rest while Belarus put a scare into Switzerland. The Swiss advanced to the next round by way of shootout victory over the Belarusians. Jonas Hiller is the biggest obstacle in the way of the Americans and is more than capable of stealing one for the Swiss. Look for the United States to push both the tempo and the physical play as they have in previous games. The Swiss should be overmatched but then again you can never fully count a team that has Hiller on it. Ryan Miller (it's rhyme time!) starts in net for the United States as they look to advance to the semi-finals against either Finland or Czech Republic.

Game two: Canada vs. Russia, 7:30 p.m. ET

What a huge game this is shaping up to be. Just think, one of these teams will not medal in the Olympics. Canada, fresh off the loss at the hands of the United States, steamrolled Germany 8-2 in a game that was almost a scrimmage in preparation for the Russians. Both teams are fairly evenly matched on offense but a slight edge goes to Canada on defense. This should be an incredible game to watch and I know I've cleared my schedule. Pavel Datsyuk will be taking the ice against his coach, Mike Babcock, in an attempt to advance to the semi-finals to play Sweden or Slovakia.

I won't be able to jump in until after 5 p.m. but definitely go ahead and join in the thread.